San Antonio Spurs Release New Alternative Jersey September 20, 2012 13:33

As more NBA teams start to release new jersey designs for the upcoming season, there seems to be a trend emerging, where the uniforms are minimalistic in style, and seem to have a lot of unused space going on.

For example, just a couple of weeks ago, the New York Knicks unveiled their new minimalistic jersey design, which they're going to be playing in this season, and more recently, the San Antonio Spurs have released an alternative jersey to go alongside their standard home and away kits.

These new grey uniforms keep design to an absolute minimum, with a simple 'spur' image on the front and a small number, with the standard name and number on the back. The black and white pipping is thin and understated around the neck, shoulders and down the side of the jersey.

This sort of jersey release only adds to fan tension around the likely move to have sponsor logos placed on NBA jerseys.

The idea of having sponsorship logos emblazoned on NBA jersey's has annoyed a great many NBA fans and leaves us in no doubt that our beloved American basketball league truly is considered, by some, to be just a huge money making machine.