Adidas Releases New Derrick Rose Logo September 18, 2012 16:50

Derrick Rose was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 2008, and since then has really carved out a huge role for himself within the team, and also within the NBA. He's easily one of the best point guards out there at the moment, as well as having a great many other talents that help him shine. 

Towards the end of last season a serious ACL tear put Rose out of the game, and we're hoping that he's fit and ready for the upcoming NBA season, and so is Adidas. 

Adidas are currently running a campaign called The Return, based around the hard work and inspirational drive that Rose has had to pick himself up and throw himself into getting healthy again. Along with that campaign will come a new line of shoes (the adiRose 3) and a new apparel collection that will be available this October. 

The new shoes and apparel are going to feature a brand new Adidas logo dedicated to D. Rose. 

The new logo depicts a rose (very clever, see what they've done there) with a D in the middle, which in turn has a number 1 in the middle of that. It's a nicely presented icon for this new era in Rose's career. 

Each petal on the rose is said to have a different meaning for Rose. They are said to represent his three older brothers, and the 1 at the centre of the logo is to represent his playing number, but also his mother.

Adidas have a lot to gain if Rose can make a successful comeback. Not only are sales likely to go on the up, but Adidas can start to consider how they are going to rival Nike, who have by far taken the dominant position in terms of basketball shoes and apparel. 

I'm sure that they eagerly anticipate the start of the season late this October. We certainly do!