Dwayne Wade Reportedly Moves from Jordan Brand to Li-Ning September 08, 2012 12:11

The rumour that Dwayne Wade has dropped the Jordon footwear brand, to move to Chinese brand Li-Ning, has gathered pace in the past couple of days, with some sources reporting that the shift for the Miami Heat guard is official.

Wade joined forces with Jordan Brand in 2009, and the hope was that he would become the global face of the brand, ushering new waves of interest, and fans, to the already incredibly successful outfit. 

Over the past 3 years, things haven't really turned out the way that Wade or the Jordan Brand had hoped. Sales have been lacking, and Wade was never really pushed to the forefront in order to solidify him as a central player for the brand. 

Rumours of an impending move by Wade started to circulate following the cancellation of his Jordan Fly Wade 3 shoe for the upcoming season, with Wade's contract with Jordan Brand ending on the 1st September. 

Wade has spent a lot of time in Asia in the off-season over the past few years, and reports say that his is now going to be the signature athlete for Li-Ning. 

If official announcements are made by the companies involved, then Wade will be joining the likes of Evan Turner and Jose Calderon who are already with Li-Ning. 

The Chinese brand was definitely visible throughout the recent London 2012 Olympics, sponsoring both the Spanish National basketball team and the Argentinian National basketball team.