GB Wheelchair Basketball Team Are Already A Huge Success September 06, 2012 16:05

Like many other basketball fans, and players in the UK, we watched the London 2012 Olympics will a sense of pride, a sense of excitement and with the desire to cheer Team GB on to success. 

As it turned out, neither the men's or women's basketball teams progressed beyond the group stages, and while we were perhaps a little disappointed, we understood what a great achievement it was for those group of athletes to even get into that position, and to have fought hard to represent their country. 

Fast forward to the London 2012 Paralympics, which is happening right now, and again, as basketball fans, we tune in to watch wheelchair basketball with pride and excitement. If a lot of us can be honest, is the first time that we have actually watched a full game of wheelchair basketball (shameful I know), but that's the power of the Paralympics; in getting people involved, who may otherwise never have taken notice of sports like wheelchair basketball. 

The women's team have fought really hard, and taken a couple of solid wins, but fell just short of reaching the quarter finals. The men's team have also put up a stellar battle, and after some remarkable performances, they find themselves in the Semi Finals, ready to face Canada; a team that reigns supreme in the realms of wheelchair basketball. 

The GB Bulldogs, as they're affectionately known, faced Canada in their second group game, losing 70-54 to a strong side, that just also happens to have arguably the best player to ever play the game, in the form of Patrick Anderson. 

Nevertheless, the support for the Bulldogs is huge, and no matter what the outcome of tonights game (the Semi Final will be televised at 21:15 on Channel 4's red button, right after the Semi Final between Australia and the USA) this team has already had outstanding success. 

We've been keeping up with them on Twitter, and the support has been massive. The Bulldogs have brought wheelchair basketball to the attention of thousands of people who might previously not have known much about the game. 

What has also been remarkable has been just how accessible the GB players have been on social media platforms like Twitter. They've been talking casually with fans, giving each other support, and generally just showing that they're awesome, everyday people like you and me. 

So while we're sitting there tonight, shouting at the TV screen, or if you're lucky enough, shouting in the basketball arena, you can feel content in the fact that the GB wheelchair basketball teams (mens and womens) have already been a huge success, because of the things that they have achieved in terms of awareness and support for their sport. 

Good luck tonight, and you guys are awesome!