NBA 2K13 Will Have Sick Kinect Integration September 06, 2012 12:16

As soon as I heard that NBA 2K13 was going to have XBox 360 Kinect integration, my mind started to reel about what that means for the game, and how you can get interactive with it.  

Unfortunately (or should I say, probably for the best), we aren't going to be doing cross-overs in front of the TV, or lobbing passes from sofa to sofa, or even trying to achieve lift-off for a dunk. 

What you will be able to do, is use your voice to control aspects of the game, like calling plays, making substitutions and setting up your defence. That might sound a bit dull to begin with, but after watching it in action, and listening to Senior Producer, Rob Jones, talking about it, it actually seems pretty sick. 

First off all, NBA 2K veterans will probably appreciate the fact that you won't have to battle with endless menus and settings whenever you want to achieve something in a game. 

For example, to bring on a sub, all you have to do is say. "Bring in Kobe.*"

*Please replace with any player name that you like. We're by no means saying that you should always be subbing in Kobe…hell no.

If you're bringing the ball down court and want a screen, just call out the players name and say "set a screen for me." Boom, the player will run over and set a screen for you. 

You can also call plays for different players, and it's a simple as saying something like "run a high post play for Dirk Nowitzki".

Other popular commands might be "clear out", "pick and roll" or calling our your defence for a "zone, 3-2". Perhaps our favourite command though, is the one that lets you dunk your coach with Gatorade after a big win! Absolute attention to detail for 2K to include something that neat, that's not integral to game play. Just shout "Gatorade, dunk 'em".

Take a look at the interview with Rob Jones yourself, to see some of these calls in action. NBA 2K13 is due for release in early October.
NBA 2K13 Will Have Sick Kinect Integration