BBL Launches A New Game - The Tipping Game September 05, 2012 14:25

The BBL has launched a brand new game for fans of the British Basketball League. 

The game is called the Tipping game, and serious prizes are up for grabs for people who think they know a thing or two about Basketball in the UK.

This is the official description of the game by the BBL:

"Each week, you'll be able to tip who you think will win each BBL game and, for the week's first game, how many points you think they'll win by.

For each game you predict correctly, you'll receive 1 point. The player with the most points at the end of the competition will be the winner.

In the event of a tie, we'll take the difference between your predicted margin of victory and the actual margin of victory for each week and add them together, with the winner being the player with the lower total.

Terrific prizes are available! The overall winner in each competition will receive a pair of VIP Tickets to the final of that competition.

You can also set up your own groups to form mini-leagues with your friends."

We've already signed up, and created a group for the BBL Championship 2012-13. The group is called BBMS HQ, so get signed up and join us as we compete to see who can call the plays in this years BBL. 

Click here to register to play - once you've registered, remember to come back to the initial registration page and press refresh in your browser to access the BBL game.