LeBron X - The Most Expensive Nike Shoes to Date August 26, 2012 11:30

What do you get if you combine the current NBA MVP, who just won his first NBA title, the Nike brand, and the latest in footwear wizardry? 

You get a pair of trainers that will cost you $315 (£199).  And no, that's not meant to be a joke. 

Later this year, Nike will release the LeBron X, the latest in the line of Nike shoes to feature LeBron James' name and signature design.

LeBron sported a pair of these trainers in the gold medal game at the recent Olympics, leading to wide spread speculation about the release. When the shoes are released, they will be the most expensive Nike shoes to date, and will raise questions as to just how much the paying public are willing to shell out for trainers. 

On the NikeBlog, the trainers were described as follows:

"The LeBron X is inspired, both aesthetically and metaphorically, by the diamond, a precious and nearly indestructible gemstone. The shoe is engineered to prioritise responsiveness, impact protection and dynamic containment, all required for LeBron's unique skill set.

Combining four of Nike's most innovative technologies, the LeBron X features dynamic Flywire technology, Hyperfuse construction, Nike Plus functionality (though there will also be a non-Plus model) and the first full-length visible Zoom Air unit."

Nike plus functionality means that the shoe contains motion sensor technology that tracks how high you can jump, how quick you run and how hard you play, which lets players compete against their friends, with the live stats to back up their trash talking.

So the new Nike+ technology goes part way to explaining the price, with financial analytics from the Wall Street Journal reporting that "as labor, materials and shipping costs increase, Nike is raising shoe and clothing prices by 5% to 10%" and the report included a Nike spokesperson saying the company is "not arbitrarily taking up prices."

Credit where credit is due, Nike are amazing when it comes to marketing, and pairing up with the right NBA stars, which will ensure that the LeBron X will fly off the shelves no matter what the price tag. 

After all, who hasn't seen one of the staged dunk contests of late, with competitors all wearing Nike+ shoes, and showing off just how high they can really jump. And who hasn't wondered how they would compare…if only you could get your hands on a pair.