Always Ballin': A Truly British Basketball Brand August 10, 2012 13:58

During the past year, there seems to have been a great shift in British basketball. If interest in the sport seemed limited before, it now seems as though we're making steady progress in the right direction, with the sport starting to get the recognition and support that it deserves. 

No doubt the London 2012 Olympics has played its part in boosting the awareness of basketball, and perhaps bringing it more into the public eye, but I think we can also thank the likes of Asim Bux who has been working to make a mark on the basketball market with his uniquely British basketball brand, Always Ballin'

Launched in 2011, Always Ballin' aimed to provide basketball clothing for the UK basketball market, and this year has really given them the scope and opportunity to build on their offering, with some really cool t-shirts for guys and gals alike. 

As well as offering some fresh t-shirt designs, Always Ballin' is particularly active in the promotion and support of British Basketball. Their #BeProud campaign has seen a true showcase of British pride from both seasoned basketball fans, and newcomers alike, and their #Respect The Game campaign teaches important lessons about how we should treat each other, on and off the court.

When Olympic fever dies down, and we settle into a new season of British Basketball League (BBL) action in September, then we can only hope that the Olympic legacy, and the work of people like Always Ballin' holds strong and that participation in the sport, whether as a player or supporter, goes on a serious increase. 

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