Google's Olympic Basketball Doodle August 08, 2012 12:29

Yesterday saw the start of a new line of Google Doodles that users can interact with, and post their own scores as Olympians! Yesterday you could have a go at the hurdles, and today everyone can have a go at posting their own basketball score.

Google has celebrated the London 2012 Olympics for the past couple of weeks with Google Doodle art, inspired by a different sport each day. We've been eagerly awaiting the appearance of the basketball doodle, and we haven't been disappointed. 

Each visitor to the Google homepage can set the game going, and bash the space bar to try and score as many points as possible in the allotted time. You hit the space bar to prepare to shoot, and then press the space bar again to release the ball once the desired amount of power has built up. 

After so long, your player takes a step back, and you might be able to sink a few 3 pointers before your time runs out.

If it seems a bit quiet around Basketball Megastore HQ today, this might be the reason why. Hit us up with your scores in the comment section below!