Team USA Post a Record Score Against Nigeria, Winning 156 - 73 August 02, 2012 23:52

If I say that Team USA were 11 of 14 from 3 point range, and scored 49 points in the first quarter of their game against Nigeria, that might give you some idea of what sort of game was witnessed by basketball fans at the Olympic basketball stadium earlier this evening. Straight out of the gates the USA put on a fancy show.

Uncontested dunks, alley-oops and plenty of 3's wowed the crowds, almost making a mockery of this young Nigerian basketball team. The USA dominated though-out in a game that looked easy and relaxed for this group of NBA stars.

Everyone except Andre Iguodala and Anthony Davis (who had yet to get on court) were on the scoreboard by mid-way through the second quarter, and there was some serious showboating. The USA finished the half with 78 points on the board. Few teams have even scored that many points in an entire game in this competition, let alone in a half. Some credit does have to go to Nigeria however, who had 45 points by the break, with some nice shooting across the team, and some swift moves from their point guard Oguchi.

At the half time break, commentator John Amaechi likened Nigeria to the Washington Generals, the team that is ritually given the run around by the Harlem Globetrotters. Nigeria seemed to come out stronger at the start of the second half, but USA were relentless. Carmelo Anthony put up 3 after 3, pushing him up to a personal 34 points, and USA up to 97, with 5:26 left to play in the 3rd quarter.

Anthony was 9/11 from behind the arc at that point, and he wasn't finished. The USA finished the 3rd with 119 points to Nigeria's 62. Iguodala was the last USA player to get on the board, posting his first points in the fourth quarter, dropping back to back 3 pointers to join in the party.

The previous Olympic record for the number of points scored in a game by a single team was 138. Team USA passed that point with 4 and a half minutes left to play in the 4th quarter. This record breaking game ended with Team USA winning 156 to 73.