Women's Basketball Wear Now at Basketball Megastore July 22, 2012 18:48

We just wanted to let everyone know that we have just added a new women's section to our offering of basketball goodies, with a selection of women's basketball jerseys, women's basketball shorts, and some women's basketballs

Women's basketball is huge internationally, and with the success and popularity of the current Women's Olympic GB Team here in the UK, we can only hope even greater things are to come for women's basketball.

Interestingly, basketball is one of the few sports in which both the men's game, and women's game developed at around the same time. James Naismith invented basketball in Springfield Massachusetts in 1891, and just a year later, in 1892, the rules of the game were adapted by Senda Berenson for the women's game. 

The game has grown steadily over the decades since then, gathering players and supporters from all around the world. In the 1970's the game was recognised by the International Olympic Committee, and in 1976, became an official Olympic sport. 

We hope to support women's basketball more and more, and be able to offer a growing range of female-focused basketball products. Watch this space!