London 2012 Olympic Basketball Schedule May 23, 2012 11:49

The London 2012 Olympics are fast approaching, and basketball fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Olympic basketball schedule. Well, now the wait is over!

Games will commence on the 29th July, with some great match-ups right off the cuff. The USA will play the NBA-player-laiden French team, which will be a brilliant game for any NBA fans, and Spain will take on China - again another formidable match up with plenty of star action. 

The Great Britain team have yet to find out who they will play in their first match, as they have been pitted against one of the teams that has yet to fight for qualification. 

Team GB face Brazil on the 31st July, then Spain, and the Gasol brothers, on 2nd August in the play-off rounds, before playing Australia on the 4th August and Chine on the 6th.  From there, the quarter finals will be played on Wednesday 8th August. 

A full run down of the group games are as follows:

Sunday July 29

9.00am – A6 vs Tunisia

11.15am – Brazil vs Australia

2.30pm – USA vs France

4.45pm – Spain vs China

8.00pm – Great Britain vs B6

10.15pm – Argentina vs A5

Tuesday July 31

9.00am – China vs B6

11.15am – Australia vs Spain

2.30pm – A5 vs A6

4.45pm – Great Britain vs Brazil

8.00pm – France vs Argentina

10.15pm – Tunisia vs USA

Thursday August 2

9.00am – France vs A5

11.15am – Australia vs China

2.30pm – Argentina vs Tunisia

4.45pm – Brazil vs B6

8.00pm – Spain vs Great Britain

10.15pm – USA vs A6

Saturday August 4

9.00am – Tunisia vs France

11.15am – B6 vs Spain

2.30pm – A5 vs USA

4.45pm – China vs Brazil

8.00pm – Great Britain vs Australia

10.15pm – A6 vs Argentina

Monday August 6

9.00am – Australia vs B6

11.15am – Tunisia vs A5

2.30pm – France vs A6

4.45pm – Great Britain vs China

8.00pm – Spain vs Brazil

10.15pm – Argentina vs USA