Molten Basketball - A Worldwide Basketball Company April 16, 2012 15:19

Molten was founded in 1958, and is listed as the worlds largest ball and sports equipment manufacturer. Molten was established in the USA in 1983, and then made its way to the UK in 2003, courtesy of Bob Hope Productions.

Molten produces a whole range of sporting goods, but they are particular popular for their basketballs.

Molten basketballs have been the official ball of the Olympic Games since Los Angeles in 1984, and they have also been the official ball of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) for the past 25 years.

The brand produces a wide range of basketballs, for different levels of play, and in different sizes for a variety of age groups and abilities. At the very top of the range, they have the Molten BGL Basketball, which is the official basketball of Olympic Team GB, the Canadian Basketball Association and the Japanese Basketball League amongst others.

The Molten GG7X Basketball is the official BBL game ball, here in the UK. As well as being used in top flight UK basketball, the GG7X is also the official match ball for all competitive games played for British Universities and College Sports (BUCS).

As well as producing basketballs that are used at the very top of the game, Molten also produces basketballs for everyday use in schools, basketball clubs, and at home in the backyard. 

Ranges like the Molten GR Basketball and Molten GM Basketball are cheaper in price, and come in a range of sizes for all players.

When picking a basketball, it's important to get the right size for the players age, needs and ability.

Basketballs generally come in sizes 7, 6, 5 and 3.

Size 3 basketballs are intended for younger children, whose hands are still growing and developing. The ideal age is 5 - 7 for a size 3 basketball, which is Key Stage 1 at school.

Size 5 basketballs are best used for players aged 7 - 11, or Key Stage 2. They're still developing in terms of growth, co-ordination and general skill, so the smaller ball makes things a little easier to handle. 

Size 6 basketballs are used for players ages 11 - 14, and also for women's basketball. Slightly smaller, and slightly lighter in weight than than the fill size 7 basketball, the size 6 is perfect teenagers, and women who may generally have smaller hands and less strength in their grip.

Size 7 basketballs are the official size used by professional leagues. Weight will vary slightly dependant on the material of the ball, but generally speaking, any size 7 ball will be suitable for an adult player.

The more expensive basketballs tend to be built for better grip, control and performance, but the cheaper size 7 basketballs will be just as suitable for any adults starting out in the game.

Molten basketballs have a great legacy around the world, and will hopefully continue to grow in strength and profile in years to come.