Dwyane Wade Says Players Should be Paid for Representing US at London 2012 Olympics April 12, 2012 11:18

Outrage has been ringing out around the web (especially on Twitter) after Miami Heat guard, Dwyane Wade, commented that players representing the US at the London 2012 Olympics, should be paid for the privilege. 

Wade was the leading scorer for the US team at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, and a gold medal winner for his country. 
Wade hasn't been the only player in the NBA to make such comments, with Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics making a similar assertion earlier this week. However, it seems that Wade has been far more vocal about the whole issue, and has taken a lot of criticism for it.
In a discussion with espn.com, Wade's reasons for commenting that players should be paid to play in the Olympics ranged from the fact that their presence at the Olympics helps to sell a lot of jerseys, suggesting that the players want a piece of that, and also that the Olympics robs the players of their summer, and well-needed rest time between NBA seasons. 
In the same interview with espn.com, Wade said "You're not playing for the dollar, but it would be nice if you would get compensated."
Wade has been adamantly denying that money would be more of a motivating factor, than privilege and pride, to represent his country in the London 2012 Olympics, but given his reasoning, and comments surrounding how the Olympics will be affecting his summer, it's hard to take him that seriously.
After all, NBA players aren't that well paid anyway, are they? ;)