Linsanity Helps Knicks Draw Huge Ratings February 22, 2012 18:39

Thanks to Jeremy Lin, the New York Knicks are currently recording their highest televised rating figures since the network started recording them back in the 1988-89 season.

The Knicks' last two games were each watched in more than 540,000 households. In both games the Knicks lost; to New Orleans on the Friday and New Jersey on Monday.

Jeremy Lin has been making headlines around the world over the past two weeks, having played outstandingly for the Knicks in his first 5 starting games. In fact, Lin has posted the best stat line, for an NBA player in their first starting games, since the NBA and ABA merged.

Lin is still taking to the court in the starting five even though Carmelo Anthony is back playing for the Knicks. It was questioned whether Lin would continue to start once Anthony was back from injury, but with television ratings going through the roof, and the world gripped by Linsanity, who would sit this guy on the bench?!