2012 NBA All-Star Starting Line-up Announced February 03, 2012 19:41

It's that time of year again, when the NBA All-Stars are announced and debate breaks out as to who really deserves a spot on the team that represents the best of the best in the NBA. This year looks set to be as interesting as ever, with the Western Conference Team consisting of 4 LA players, and a New York Knick making an appearance despite a poor team start to the season.

Eastern Conference All-Stars

As expected, the Eastern Conference All-Star Team is weighing in heavily with members of the Miami Heat. Both Dwayne Wade and LeBron James made the cut, and with Miami being a strong title contender this season, there's no question as to whether these guys deserve to be on the All-Star team.

LeBron is joined in the forward position by New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony. While Anthony has been averaging 24 points a game, the Knicks have been having a tough run of games, which has brought questions over whether there might have been someone more deserving of the spot.

Wade will be joined in the guard position by the reigning league MVP, Derrick Rose. Both players have missed a few games this season due to injury, but there's no doubt that they have a great deal of impact for their teams when they do hit the court.

The Eastern Conference starting five is completed with the Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard at centre. Howard was way out in front in terms of votes, with a staggering 1,600,390 public votes in his favour for the centre position.

Players that have missed out on making the starting five for the Eastern Conference include, Amar'e Stoudemire of the New York Knicks, Boston's Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen, and Chicago's Luol Deng and Joakim Noah, along with Miami's Chris Bosh.

Here's a run down of the balloting numbers for the Eastern Conference starting five:

Dwight Howard, Orlando - 1,600,390
Derrick Rose, Chicago - 1,514,723
LeBron James, Miami - 1,360,680
Dwayne Wade, Miami - 1.334,223
Carmelo Anthony, New York - 1,041,290

Western Conference All-Stars

The Western Conference provides little in the way of surprises for who has made the team, but there has been about the fact that 4 out of the 5 starters are players from LA.

Kobe Bryant will be back as a guard for his 14th All-Star game. The LA Laker is only the second player in history to have been crowned All-Star MVP 4 times. Bryant will be joined in the backcourt by LA Clippers point guard, Chris Paul. Paul made a massive move from New Orleans to LA this season, to join the already exciting duo of Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan.

The Lakers Andrew Bynum, and (of course) the Clippers Blake Griffin, add to the roster to ensure that the Western Conference team is going to have a lot of talent and a lot of flair going into the All-Star game. Interestingly, Griffin was the only player to make the starting five, with less than one million votes.

The only player to come from a team outside of LA is Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Durant has been having a huge season, helped along by the Thunder's point guard, Russell Westbrook, whose name has also been thrown around as being deserving of a place on the team.

The voting broke down like this for the Western Conference:

Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers - 1,555,479
Kevin Durant, Oklahoma - 1,345,566
Chris Paul, LA Clippers - 1,138,743
Andrew Bynum, LA Lakers - 1,051,945
Blake Griffin, LA Clippers - 876,451

The 2012 NBA All-Star game will take place in Orlando this year, and will feature some of the most talented NBA players of all time. Before then, the 30 NBA head coaches must select the reserves for each team within their own conference. So stay tuned for more news of who we're going to see on court this February.