Yao Ming Releases Pandas into the Wild January 16, 2012 16:38

Yao Ming; what a guy. The 7ft 6inch, retired basketball player has been caring for the world in recent weeks by helping to release pandas in his home country of China.

Yao retired from the Houston Rockets NBA team last year, after a string of injuries that kept him from playing for nearly all of last season. He was the number 1 overall pick in the 2002 draft, and has been an 8-time NBA All-Star and two-time NBA second-teamer in his short lived career.

Last week, Yao helped to release six giant pandas into the wild in the Sichuan province of China. The pandas were aged between 2 and 4, and chosen from a group of 108 at the panda base in Chengdu. Releasing these pandas is another step to hopefully ensuring the future of the species.

Yao is well known as a gentle giant, who is passionate about caring for his home country, and the people and wildlife that live there. When asked about the project, Yao has been quoted as saying "I think it is most important to keep a balance between modern living and nature. We have been talking about it for many years but it is never an easy thing to do".