Durant Hits a Triple-Double in Charity Match that Defies Lockout Blues October 24, 2011 21:11

Kevin Durant had 42 points, 26 rebounds and 11 assists in a charity exhibition game on Sunday night in Oklahoma City. The triple-double helped Durant's all-star team to a 176-171 victory in front of Durant's home crowd.

In the midst of an NBA lockout, players are looking for every opportunity to play, so this All-Star game gave the likes of Durant, Chris Paul and LeBron James the chance to hit the court and strut their stuff.

"As you see in these games that we're playing, we love to play the game. We're going to find a way to play - any way possible. We want to just keep giving our fans the opportunity to see us because if not for the fans, we're not who we are," Paul said.

"So we just want them to know that we still want to keep working toward a deal because it's not just about us. It's about the fans, it's about the employees, all the people that make our game happen. We want to play -- just make sure everyone understands that."

Players and owners have been in talks to come to an agreement about who should be paid what in the NBA, and a decision that everyone is happy with is proving difficult to come by.

In negotiations, players have already said they'd come down from their current 57 percent share of the league's revenues to 53 -- or 52.5 percent. But owners are now asking for an even split with the players, and that's not palatable for players.

The 2011/2012 NBA season would have started on the 1st November, but the first two weeks have already been called off by NBA commissioner David Stern. He also warned that unless there is some progress soon, the league will be called off right up until Christmas.

At half time in the Oklahoma City charity match, Durant presented a large cheque for $100,000 to the Single Parents Support Network of Oklahoma, which represented proceeds from the game.

"Guys don't get paid to play in these game," Paul said. "Guys come out here because of how much respect they have for KD and what he does for the community and for kids and giving back."

Durant and a star-studded White team including James and Westbrook overcame a fourth-quarter deficit to beat a Blue team that featured Anthony and Paul.