Andrew Sullivan Signs for the BBL's Leicester Riders October 14, 2011 12:15

 Andrew Sullivan is the current captain for the Great Britain basketball team, and has spent the past couple of years with the best teams in the British Basketball League, the Newcastle Eagles and the Mersey Tigers

Last season he saw BBL League success with the Mersey Tigers, as they swept the trophy and the championship in one. This week, it has been reported that Sullivan has been training with the Leicester Riders, and has now signed a week-to-week contract with them.

When speaking to the BBC, Sullivan said: "I have a pretty decent track record of winning in this league and I don't want it to come to an end...I think I can help the team potentially win some silverware and definitely be competitive...Hopefully I can help some of the guys improve and they can help me improve as well."

Sullivan, and the new 22 year old American signing Bret Royster, will both be available to play the London Leopards on Saturday, and then away against the Chester Jets on Sunday.