Mini NBA Legends August 26, 2011 12:58

If you are in the region of 5-foot 3-inches tall, and that's as tall as you're going to get, you've probably given up all hope of ever being an NBA super star. We don't blame you, it's true that the NBA isn't a huge fan of guys that are under 6-feet tall, and maybe they never have been, but you certainly don't see the likes of Muggsy Bogues and Spud Webb anymore.

This was a point made by Shaun Powell on the website recently, and we thought it would be nice to give the little guys, who made a big impression on the league, their dues.

Muggsy Bogues

This guy was the shortest player ever to grace the NBA, playing as point guard for 4 teams during his 14-season long career. While probably most associated with the Charlotte Hornets, he also played for the Golden State Warriors, Toronto Raptors and the Washington Bullets.

Drafted 12th overall in the 1987 NBA Draft by the Bullets, Bogues could count himself amongst a number of notable players to make it to the NBA that year, including Scottie Pippen and Reggie Miller.

In his rookie year in the NBA, he played on the same team as Manute Bol who stood at 7-feet 7-inches tall, a fact that made Bogues seem even smaller than he actual was.

Despite being the shortest man ever to play in the NBA, Bogues was quick and agile, and even managed to rack up 39 blocks over his 14-season career. The most notable of which was against the legend Patrick Ewing in 1993. He was also a great passer and honed his skills for stealing the ball of bigger, slower players.

Spud Webb

Anthony Jerome Webb (aka Spud) was a law unto himself in the NBA. Not only was he notable for his point guard skills, but he actually won an NBA slam dunk contents.

Standing at 5-feet 7-inches tall, Webb was drafted into the NBA in 1985 by the Detroit Pistons, although his first 6 seasons were played with the Atlanta Hawks. His best, and most memorable performances were with the Sacramento Kings, where he was in the starting 5 from 1992, to 1995.

Best remembered for his incredible hops for such a short player, Webb won the NBA Slam Dunk Content in 1986, wowing audiences and fellow NBA players alike. He performed dunks like an elevator two-handed pump dunk, a one-handed off the backboard jam, a 360 helicopter one-handed dunk and a 180-degree reverse double pump slam to take the dunk title that year.

Earl Boykins

Standing at 5-feet 5-inches tall, Boykins is the second smallest NBA player in the history of the game, weighing in at 133 pounds.

He was never drafted by an NBA team, but had various short term contracts with teams like the New Jersey Nets, Cleveland Cavaliers, the LA Clippers and the Denver Nuggets.

On the 11th November 2004, he scored 32 points in a game against the Detroit Pistons, making him the smallest player in NBA history to score more than 30 points in a game. He also once held the record for having scored the most points in an over-time period, racking up 15 points in just 5 minutes.

Despite his small stature he is a good shooter, he's quick and strong. Despite being only 133 pounds, he could reportedly bench press 315 pounds. What's more, it's not over yet, Boykins just finished his 12th season in the NBA, playing for the Milwaukee Bucks