Day 2 of the Olympic Basketball Test Event Sees Success for Croatia Against the Home Nation August 17, 2011 23:59

After being beaten by France yesterday, Team GB felt that they had something to prove in today's game against Croatia. As the home nation for the London 2012 Olympics, there are a lot of hopes resting on the performance of this team.

However, Team GB were again beaten by a superior basketballing nation. Croatia came out strong, played a consistent game of basketball, and won the game 75 - 70.

The British basketballers came out strong in the first quarter as they had done against France yesterday, but again began to faulter, and found that they were unable to hold the performance together.

They took a 13 - 3 lead in the opening 4 minutes, only to go through a scoring drought in the second quarter, allowing Croatia to take the lead, 22 - 21.

Much like the game against France, GB made some fatal mistakes, and failed to convert their chances into points on the board. Croatia didn't fail to take advantage of that.

In the final quarter, Team GB were looking at a 14 point deficit, but in a last ditch attempt to fight it out to the end, they brought it back to within 3, with 11 seconds left on the clock. Unfortunately, Britains Mike Lenzly missed a shot from behind the arc, before Croatia's Krunoslav Simon netted the final free throws of the game to take the lead back up to 5 points.

A closer game, and a stronger effort by Team GB, which inspires hope that there is a lot more to be seen from this team in the months to come.