Great Britain Beaten by France at Olympic Test Tournament August 16, 2011 23:54

This week saw the opening of the brand new London 2012 Olympic basketball arena, with members of the public allowed to venture in for a look around, and maybe to catch a bit of pre-Olympics basketball.

The basketball arena is now being put through it's paces in order to see how well it is likely to fair when the Olympics kick off in London next year.

Home fans were particularly excited to get a first look at the GB basketball team, and to see how well they would get on against their rivals in the test tournament. Things proved disappointing for players and fans alike as Team GB were beaten 82 - 60 by France in their opening game.

While they were defeated, the home side did put up a tough fight, particularly in the opening quarter where they led for much of the time, however, the NBA-player-laden French team were quick to take control and settle into a rhythm that Team GB just couldn't compete with.

The game saw Joel Freeland come out as top scorer for Team GB with 16 points, while Tony Parker from the NBA's San Antonio Spurs, led scoring for France with 23.

With Great Britain ranked 56th in the world for basketball, and France sitting in 14th place, it was always going to be a tough game. Team GB were punished for a series of rookie errors and foolish turnovers that you just cannot afford to make at the top end of the game.

A positive is that Team GB could come away knowing what they've got to work on as a team, and also as individuals in the run up to the 2012 London Olympics.

Team GB play Croatia tomorrow, who are ranked just under France in 19th position. Hopefully Team GB will work hard, and come back against some of the harsh criticism that was inevitable following today's game against France.