2017 New Orleans NBA All-Star Jerseys Are Unveiled January 06, 2017 00:00

We always look forward to this time of year - we're settling into 2017 nicely, and the NBA All Star voting is ramping up. Then we have the unveiling of the All Star jerseys! Over the years there have been some seriously iconic NBA All Star jerseys (like this one!), so we're always looking for that new design that's going to make that kind of impact. 

Sadly, 2017 isn't going to be it. That's not to hate on these latest Adidas creations, they're quite clean and have some strong design features, like the architecturally inspired 'E' and 'W' that features on the shorts.

The plainness of the kits is in-keeping with current trends for simple and clean design, while the dulled down colours, with the blue or red highlights also sits nicely amongst the wider Adidas design spectrum (think NMD's and so on). 

Despite the on-trend design, it's unlikely that these particular All Star jerseys will go down in history, or be talked about in the way the likes some of the 90's ones are, but it's still a pretty good look.

Check them out below, images via Slam Online

East NBA All Star Jersey 2017

Adidas NBA All Star Jersey 2017 West