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LeBron James Breaks Out New Nike NBA Threads August 19, 2017 13:16

Fewer brand-athlete relationships seem as strong as the one between Nike and LeBron James, especially where basketball is concerned. So it's no surprise that James is out there on social media, leading the way to showcasing the new relationship between Nike and the NBA.

Posting on Instagram, James let everyone know just how ready he is to get next season underway, while showing off his new Nike NBA threads. 

"Welcome to the Terrordome!! Let's get this thing back going ASAP!! Savage Season 15 #striveforgreatness #savagemode #IFeelSoGoodRightNowItsScary"

LeBron James Nike NBA Icon Jersey

LeBron is wearing Nike's new 'Icon' uniform, which replaces what would have been known as the 'road' uniform. The Cleveland Cavaliers, along with the other 29 NBA teams, will get to choose which kit their wear for their home games next season, hence the move away from using 'home' or 'road' in reference to the uniforms.

The new uniforms are set to drop at the end of September, so keep it right here to grab your very own LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers Nike Icon jersey and shorts.


Every Nike NBA Jersey Revealed So Far /// Association and Icon Editions August 14, 2017 17:45

Details about the new Nike NBA jerseys were slow to come out at first, but over the past week, we've had a cascade of releases, culminating in the 2017 Pannini rookie photoshoot, where every rookie was wearing their official Nike NBA uniforms. 

2017 Pannin Rookie Shoot - Nike NBA Uniforms

While not all teams have officially unveiled their jerseys just yet, the vast majority have, so here we've complied a look at every Nike NBA jersey revealed so far. We'll be updating as we go, so that you can get a full look at all 30 teams for the upcoming season.

Nike NBA Association Jerseys Nike NBA Icon Jerseys
Atlanta Hawks Atlanta Hawks Nike NBA Jersey Atlanta Hawks Nike NBA Icon Jersey
Boston Celtics Boston Celtics Nike NBA Jerseys Boston Celtics Nike NBA Jerseys
Brooklyn Nets Brooklyn Nets Nike NBA Jerseys
Charlotte Hornets Charlotte Hornets Association Jordan Brand NBA Jersey Charlotte Hornets Jordan Brand NBA Jerseys
Chicago Bulls Chicago Bulls Nike NBA Jersey Assocation Chicago Bulls Nike NBA Jersey - Icon
Cleveland Cavaliers Cleveland Cavaliers Nike NBA Jersey - Association Cleveland Cavaliers Nike NBA Icon Jersey 
Dallas Mavericks Dallas Mavericks Nike NBA Jersey
Denver Nuggets Denver Nuggets Nike NBA Jersey Association Denver Nuggets Nike NBA Jersey - Icon
Detroit Pistons Detroit Pistons Nike NBA Association Jersey Detroit Pistons Nike NBA Jersey Icon
Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors Nike NBA Jersey Assocation Golden State Warriors Nike NBA Jersey Icon
Houston Rockets Houston Rockets Nike NBA Jersey - Association Houston Rockets Nike NBA Jerseys
Indiana Pacers Indiana Pacers Nike NBA Jerseys Association Indiana Pacers Nike NBA Jersey Icon
LA Clippers LA Clippers Association Nike NBA Jersey Clippers Nike Icon NBA Jersey
LA Lakers LA Lakers Nike NBA Jersey - Association Edition LA Lakers Nike NBA Jersey - Icon Edition
Memphis Grizzlies Memphis Grizzlies Nike NBA Association Jersey Memphis Grizzlies Nike NBA Jersey Icon Edition
Miami Heat
Milwaukee Bucks Milwaukee Bucks Nike NBA Jersey Milwaukee Bucks Nike NBA Jersey
Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota Timberwolves Nike NBA Jersey Association Minnesota Timberwolves Nike NBA Jersey Association
New Orleans Pelicans New Orleans Pelicans Nike NBA Association Jersey New Orleans Pelicans Nike NBA Jersey Icon
New York Knicks New York Knicks Icon NBA Jersey
Oklahoma City Thunder Oklahoma City Thunder Nike NBA Uniforms
Orlando Magic
Philadelphia 76ers Philadelphia 76ers Nike NBA Jersey Philadelphia 76ers Nike NBA Uniforms Fultz
Phoenix Suns Phoenix Suns Nike NBA Jersey Assocation Phoenix Suns Nike NBA Jersey Icon
Portland Trail Blazers Portland Trail Blazers Nike NBA Jerseys Portland Trail Blazers Nike Icon NBA Jersey
Sacramento Kings Sacramento Kings Nike NBA Jerseys Sacramento Kings Nike NBA Jerseys
San Antonio Spurs San Antonio Spurs Nike NBA Association Jersey San Antonio Spurs Nike NBA Icon Jersey
Toronto Raptors
Utah Jazz Utah Jazz Nike NBA Association Jersey Utah Jazz Nike NBA Icon Jersey
Washington Wizards Washington Wizards Nike Association NBA Jersey Washington Wizards Nike Icon NBA Jersey

Cleveland Cavaliers and Nike Showcase New Design for 2017/18 NBA Uniforms August 08, 2017 16:18

As one of the top teams in the NBA, and with close connections to Nike thanks to players like LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, the Cleveland Cavaliers had one of the most anticipated uniform reveals of this off-season.

Cleveland Cavaliers Nike NBA Uniforms

The images of the new jerseys were officially released on social media last night, with an accompanying video that showcased just how different these uniforms are, both materially and in terms of the overall design. 

The Cavaliers are running with an updated colour scheme next season, was well as a new typeface and a very differently styled jersey. Their new sponsor, Good Year, also looks great with just the wingfoot logo, balancing out with the Nike swoosh. 

The textures of the uniforms and attention to detail is also on the up, take a look at the close ups below. All Cavaliers Nike jerseys and shorts will be available here at Hardwood Ventures ahead of the new season.

Cleveland Cavaliers Association NBA Nike Jersey

Cleveland Cavaliers Icon Nike NBA Jersey


Chicago Bulls to Wear Red Nike NBA Jerseys for Home Games August 03, 2017 11:51

The Chicago Bulls have unveiled their new Nike NBA basketball uniforms for the 2017/18 NBA season, along with a statement that they will wear the red Icon jersey as their primary home uniform. 

Chicago Bulls Nike NBA Icon Jersey

Chicago Bulls Nike NBA Icon Jersey

As Nike take over as the head-to-toe apparel sponsor of the NBA, things are going to be done a little differently. A key change for the upcoming season is that Nike and the NBA are allowing each team to choose which kit they want to wear for their home games. 

Previously, all home teams would wear their white kit, and the away team would wear their team-colours or alternative kits. For the new season, there will be the Association jersey, which is the traditionally white kit, and the Icon jersey, which is the traditionally the team-colour, 'road' jersey. Teams choose whether they want to wear the Association or the Icon at home.

Chicago Bulls Nike NBA Association Jersey

Chicago Bulls Nike NBA Association Jersey

The Bulls have gone with a traditionally simplistic design for their new Nike kits, with the Nike Swoosh sitting prominently on the right shoulder. The cut of the jerseys has changed, especially around the shoulders, as you can see from the rear images of the jerseys. Nike spent a great deal of time consulting with the players that would wear the jerseys to find out what improvements could be made to enhance motion and performance. 

The cut of the jerseys, and their material composition is built around sustainability (each uniform contains approximately 20 recycled plastic bottles) and helping the players to perform better over an 82 game season. So these kits are lighter, and more efficient in wicking away sweat to keep the players comfortable for longer.

Take a look at the other NBA team jersey reveals here, and make sure you check back in the Autumn for the Nike NBA jersey release right here.


Philadelphia 76ers Nike NBA Jerseys Celebrate City of Brotherly Love August 02, 2017 17:50

As the Summer progresses, we're getting to see each of the new Nike NBA kits that teams will wear throughout the 2017/18 NBA season. The Philadelphia 76ers used the 2017 No. 1 pick, Markelle Fultz, to unveil their new uniforms. 

The new Nike NBA uniforms have some great features, including being made from Nike Alpha Yarn recycled polyester, which includes around 20 recycled plastic bottles. The jerseys are lighter, and wick sweat away 30% better than previous jerseys. The cut of the jersey is also different, especially around the shoulders, where player feedback and research has led to a new shape for better mobility.

From a design point of view, the jerseys have some nice features for Philadelphia, like the embroidered 'Brotherly Love' above the jock tag. Take a closer look below.

Philadelphia 76ers Nike NBA Jerseys

Philadelphia 76ers Nike NBA Jerseys

Philadelphia 76ers Nike NBA Jerseys

Philadelphia 76ers Nike NBA jerseys will be available right here as we head towards the 2017/18 NBA season. 

Charlotte Hornets Unveil New Jordan Brand NBA Uniforms August 02, 2017 14:37

Fans of the Charlotte Hornets get to feel particularly special for the 2017/18 NBA season, as it has been unveiled that the Hornets will be the only team in the NBA to have the Jordan Jumpman on their uniforms, instead of the Nike Swoosh. 

The Hornets released this video to unveil their Jordan Brand uniforms to the world this week:

The Charlotte Hornets are owned by Michael Jordan, and so have a tight relationship with the Jordan Brand already, so the move by Nike Inc. makes sense. 

Don't forget to check out all of the Nike NBA updates for the different teams that have been unveiled so far, and watch this space for the uniforms arriving before the new NBA season gets underway.

Check Out the New Nike NBA Jerseys for the Indiana Pacers August 02, 2017 13:53

As the Indiana Pacers head into the 51st season in the NBA, the franchise is celebrating a new start with brand new Nike NBA kits. For the 2017/18 NBA season, the Pacers will be looking to the future, and will build a campaign around the new slogan "We Grow Basketball Here".

Indiana Pacers Icon

The new Indiana Pacers look is built on a return to the core values of Indiana basketball, and a look at what makes the state special. The new Pacer's seal, and the new Nike kits have a strong linear pattern that literally point to the sun rays, and ploughed farmland that are such a key part of Indiana's culture and economy. 

Indiana Pacers Nike NBA Jerseys

The new Nike Association uniform (white) and the Icon uniform (navy) incorporate the new signature lines down the sides of the jersey and shorts. The front of the jersey will also be very different, in that it will have a new circular lock-up of the 'Indiana Pacers' wordmark. 

As with all of the new Nike NBA kits, the Pacers' will be flush with new material technology and a new cut that makes the uniforms lighter, more breathable and more comfortable. You can read more about the Nike NBA jersey technology here.

While we wait for the official release of all of the Nike NBA jerseys, check out some of the Indiana players wearing the new kits during the official Pacers launch. 

Indiana Pacers Nike NBA Uniforms

Oklahoma City Thunder Drops Images of New Nike NBA Jerseys July 27, 2017 15:15

The Oklahoma City Thunder have released images of their new Nike NBA jerseys and shorts, showing what their Icon and Association uniforms will look like for the 2017/18 NBA season. 

Nike NBA Jerseys Oklahoma City Thunder
(Images courtesy of the Oklahoma City Thunder)


As the Thunder approach their 10th year in the NBA, they've chosen to keep a consistent design with their uniforms, but with the new Nike - NBA partnership, a lot has changed at a material level for the kits. 

The major differences that you will find with the new Nike NBA kits are:

  •  Modified cuts at the back shoulder and at the hemline of the shorts, allowing for greater range of motion
  • Altered seams at the armhole, neck and side to eliminate distractions and irritation
  • Materials that wick sweat 30 percent faster than previous NBA uniforms
  • Fabric comprised of Alpha Yarns and recycled polyester; each uniform represents approximately 20 recycled PET bottles
  • The addition of the Nike logo on the front of the jersey and shorts
  • A new design element at the belt buckle to highlight team identity

Oklahoma City Thunder NBA Jerseys

The Nike Association NBA jerseys are what would have been known previously as the 'home' jersey, and the 'road' jerseys will now be called the Icon jersey. A new feature for next season is that the home team will get to pick which uniform they would like to wear on their home court, with the opposing team then having to wear the contrasting kit from their own rotation of uniforms. 

The new Nike NBA kits will be available right here at Hardwood Ventures this autumn, including the Oklahoma City Thunder game uniforms. 

Sacramento Kings Unveil Their New NBA Nike Jerseys July 19, 2017 11:20

The Sacramento Kings wasted no time in joining Nike and the NBA in revealing their official 2017/18 Nike game uniforms. Nike and the NBA made a joint announcement about the new game jerseys late yesterday afternoon, with Sacramento following right after with their own announcement.

Sacramento Kings Nike NBA Jerseys

Leading with the tag line, WHERE INNOVATION IS KING, Sacramento have unveiled their new kits, and given some detail about how these uniforms are going to differ from everything else that came before, thanks to Nike's innovative approach to this new NBA partnership.

A new, modern constructions means zero distraction from seams. Plus, all hems are now constructed in such a way as to alleviate irritation and and restrictiveness.

As well as caring about innovation, Nike also cares about sustainability, which is why each new Nike NBA jersey is made from 100% recycled fabric - notably plastic bottles. Each player's uniform has twenty plastic bottles!

Sacramento Kings Nike NBA Jerseys

Nike spent a great deal of time testing early prototypes of the jerseys with players around the league, and used their feedback to refine and re-engineer the design. That led to a brand new scapular-shaped motion seam for increased mobility. 

New lightweight engineered textures means a stand-off mesh that ensures low moisture cling, and thanks to Nike's Alpha Yarn and recycled polyester blend, moisture is wicked away 30% faster, allowing for maximum airflow.

Sacramento Nike NBA Jerseys

The white version of the Nike NBA jerseys (which used to be called the 'home' jerseys), are now known as the Association Edition, while the full colour version (previously known as the 'road' jersey) will be referred to as the Icon Edition. Nike, the NBA, and teams like Sacramento, are still to release information on another 2 types of jersey that will form part of each teams on-court rotation. 

Nike NBA jerseys will be available here at Hardwood Ventures in Autumn 2017.

Nike and the NBA Reveal First Details of 2017-18 Game Jerseys July 18, 2017 17:35

Nike NBA Jerseys - Association Jersey Revealed

As Nike and the NBA start to gear up for a full scale launch of the new Nike-NBA Partnership in Autumn 2017, the organisations have just publicly revealed some details of the new uniforms, with a look at the NBA’s Association Jersey.

From the start of the 2017/18 NBA season, there will no longer be ‘home’ and ‘road’ designations for the jerseys. For the new season, the home team will get to pick which jersey they want to wear, and then the visiting team will have to wear the contrasting kit to that.

With that change, there will be new names for the NBA jerseys - The Association Edition and The Icon Edition are effectively the home and road jerseys. Another two types of jersey are yet to be announced.

The Association edition is the traditional home uniform, with a white base, and all 30 teams will have this in their assortment to wear. This common white base across all teams shows the NBA as one big exclusive basketball club, with a central design theme.

The Icon edition is what would have been known as the road jersey, and so uses the teams primarily colours and represents the rich heritage of that given team.

Nike Association and Icon NBA Jerseys

Aside from new names for the jerseys, there’s a whole lot of new technology and design features to look forward to checking out. As per the Nike press release:

“Informed by more than 25 years of research on all levels of basketball and insight from current NBA players, the uniform is built on a refined version of the Nike Aeroswift basketball chassis.

Nike tuned the uniform design to the rigors of the league's increasingly intense 82-game season by employing 3D-body maps of players, including heat and sweat maps. This research led Nike’s designers to make significant changes to the weight, fit and construction of the uniforms — paying special attention to enabling agility.

NBA players, including members of last summer’s gold medal-winning USA Basketball team, tested early versions of the uniforms and provided specific feedback that prompted Nike to further evolve the designs in ways that included moving the armhole, neck and side seams to eliminate distractions for athletes.

“The mental advantage of a quality uniform is priceless,” says Kyrie Irving. “The fact that Nike listened to all of our feedback while developing the new NBA uniforms speaks volumes. I’m excited for the new fit and feel.”

The most significant change comes to the back shoulder of the uniform where Nike designers altered the construction for a vastly improved fit. Additionally, the hemlines on the bottom of both the jersey and shorts were modified to allow for full range of motion.

“When you look and feel good, you play good,” says Draymond Green. “I welcome any competitive advantage on the court and the new Nike NBA uniforms deliver on the feedback that we've provided."

The uniform is comprised of a combination of Alpha Yarns and recycled polyester (each athlete uniform represents approximately 20 recycled PET bottles). Not only does this yarn blend match Nike’s broad commitment to sustainability, it also removes moisture more quickly than previous NBA uniforms, wicking sweat 30-percent faster than current NBA uniforms.”

(All images courtesy of Nike)

Stay tuned for more information, and don’t forget to stop back in the Autumn, as you’ll be able to buy the brand new Nike NBA jerseys right here.

Cleveland Cavaliers Get New Logos for Nike NBA Jerseys June 29, 2017 15:31

Cleveland Cavaliers New Logos

It will be no surprise that Nike has a keen interest in the Cleveland Cavaliers, what with two of their main assets being Cavs players. So it will also be no surprise that Nike had a hand in not only working on the Cavaliers new jersey designs for next season (when all NBA jerseys will be produced by Nike), but in also create a new logo suite for them. 

A press release from the Cavaliers said that the team had been working with Nike to develop a logo suite that would work well with their new jersey designs, which will be revealed later in the Summer. 

The key features of the new logo suite are as:

  • The new Cavaliers logos will carry forward both the popular “C-Sword” and “C” logos from previous years, as well as the original expression of Cavaliers Wine & Gold, the team’s first colours in their inaugural 1970 season, which were re-introduced in 2010-11.
  • Navy remains a complimentary colour, while black is officially introduced as a new and permanent addition to the Cavaliers colour palette.
  • Black is a nod to the historic turning point in the 2016 NBA Finals when the Cavs wore their black-sleeved uniforms in games 5 and 7 of the NBA Finals when they beat the Warriors in Golden State.
  • The new logo collection also includes a new wordmark, a new secondary shield logo, and a new global shield logo.


NBA Jersey Sponsors for the 2017 - 18 Season - The First 7 Revealed June 29, 2017 15:18

Orlando Magic Sponsored by Disney

So much is going to be changing with NBA jerseys when Nike officially takes over for the 2017 - 18 NBA season, including the fact that NBA jerseys will feature a sponsors patch on the front, as well as the Nike tick. 

Now that the off-season is in full effect, we're going to start seeing lots of teams making announcements about their arrangements for next season, but here are the first 7 jersey sponsors that have been revealed so far. 


The Philadelphia 76ers wasted no time in going after a sponsor, and were the first team to announce that they had formed a partnership. Next season, fans will see a Stubhub patch on the Sixers jerseys. The initial relationship between the two is said to be worth $5 million per year, for 3 years.


Next out of the gates was the Sacramento Kings, who have partnered up with Blue Diamond Growers. The deal is reportedly the same as Sixers, with the sponsors paying $5 million per year, for 3 years.


Boston Celtics - General Electric

As one of the oldest and most unchanged franchises in the NBA, Celtics fans no doubt waited nervously to find out which logo their new Nike jerseys would display next season. Boston has teamed up with General Electric, a company with plenty of history, for a franchise with plenty of history (and a decent logo to boot). The Celtics had a little more bargaining power, and their deal is reportedly worth $8 million per year. 


Brooklyn Nets Infor

While a lot of the other sponsors patches seem to blend well with the team's existing design, the Brooklyn Nets have already been heavily criticised for this rather abrupt addition to their uniform. Their new sponsors, a technology company called Infor, will reportedly be paying $8 million per year for the privilege. 


Cavaliers Goodyear

The Cavaliers are now considered one of the most marketable teams in the NBA, so their sponsor was also eagerly awaited. The team has joined forces with Akron-based tire company Goodyear, for a reported $10 million per year.

There's actually some awesome history about the start of professional basketball leagues in the US that goes back quite a way. A small part of that history would include the Goodyear Wingfoots - a basketball team that won the first championship of the National Basketball League in 1938. 

The image released on the Cavaliers Twitter account shows LeBron James wearing one of the jerseys (yes an Irving jersey) that were gifted to the team when the deal was signed. Please note that these are not previews of the Nike jerseys that are to be released later this year. That jersey is actually a replica of the jersey that the Goodyear Wingfoots AAU Championship team wore in 1964.


Utah Jazz Qualtrics

The Utah Jazz have signed a smaller deal than the others teams thus far, with the sponsorship sitting around $4 million per year. The reason being, that while the sponsor is tech firm Qualtrics, the jerseys will actual display Qualitric's "5 for the Fight" charity patches. So maybe there's a little bit of heart in there amongst the cut throat business of sports finance. 


By far the most obvious choice for the Florida-based franchise, the Orlando Magic will display Disney patches on their uniforms for the next few seasons (see top of the blog).  As part of a wider deal, the Magic will also start selling annual passes to Disneyland in Orlando, bringing the relationship between two of Florida's most notorious organisations full circle.


While the buzz around the Timberwolves has well and truly moved to the signing of Jimmy Butler, Minnesota did announce that their jersey sponsor next season would be fitness company Fitbit. A Fitbit is actually a wearable fitness / sleep tracker, so we can likely expect to see players also sporting the devices.


NBA Trophy Visit to Newcastle - Photo Recap May 28, 2017 19:13

NBA Trophy Visit to Newcastle

It was a bit of a dream come true for us to be able to host the Larry O'Brien NBA Championship trophy at our brand new basketball store in Newcastle upon Tyne. A big thank you to the hundreds of people who turned out to see the trophy, listen to some tunes from Flint & Steel and have a few beers with us to celebrate the occasion. 

Check out a few of the photographs from the event below!

NBA Trophy Hardwood Ventures Newcastle NBA Trophy Hardwood Ventures Newcastle

NBA Trophy Hardwood Ventures Newcastle

NBA Trophy Hardwood Ventures Newcastle

NBA Trophy Hardwood Ventures Newcastle

NBA Trophy Hardwood Ventures Newcastle

NBA Trophy Hardwood Ventures Newcastle

NBA Trophy Hardwood Ventures Newcastle

NBA Trophy Hardwood Ventures Newcastle

NBA Trophy Hardwood Ventures Newcastle

Lots more over on our Facebook page - see if your picture is there :)


Boston Celtics Secure No.1 Pick in 2017 NBA Draft May 16, 2017 18:25

The NBA draft lottery happened last night, and there were some big winners and losers throughout. No one won bigger than the Boston Celtics though, who secured the number 1 pick for the 2017 draft. 

The Celtics were already having a great season. They finished 1st in the Eastern Conference, and right now they're about to face the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals in the play offs. That makes the Celtics the first team to finish top in their conference, and get the first pick in the draft, since the Lakers drafted James Worthy in 1982.

Boston, and GM Danny Ainge in particular, have to be extra happy about the first pick, since they got it thanks to that 2013 trade deal that sent Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets finished dead last this year, and could have really done with the first pick, but goes to show how important the ramifications of those big trade deals can be, even years down the line. 

Ainge received a lot of criticism earlier this year when he decided to take no action during the trade window. Had the Celtics bombed out of the play offs early, or had this draft pick not come about, that criticism might have stood, but the Celtics are looking pretty smart right now. 

While Celtics fans continue to celebrate, here's a look at the top 14 teams in the 2017 NBA draft, which will take place in June:

  1. Boston Celtics
  2. LA Lakers
  3. Philadelphia 76ers
  4. Phoenix Suns
  5. Sacramento Kings
  6. Orlando Magic
  7. Minnesota Timberwolves
  8. New York Knicks
  9. Dallas Mavericks
  10. Sacramento Kings
  11. Charlotte Hornets
  12. Detroit Pistons
  13. Denver Nuggets
  14. Miami Heat

The NBA TROPHY is Coming to NEWCASTLE May 15, 2017 21:59

We can't quite believe it ourselves, but it's true! For the first time in NBA history, the Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy is coming to Newcastle upon Tyne, and it will be displayed in our brand new retail space on High Bridge Street.

We hope you'll join us on May 19th to celebrate the trophy's visit, and get your picture taken alongside one of the most iconic things from the world of basketball. 

NBA Trophy Comes to Newcastle

Wilson X Connected Basketball - Free Range Mode April 21, 2017 13:49

The Wilson X Connected basketball uses cutting edge technology to track your makes and misses, shot percentage and distance from the basket when practicing your shooting. The basketball connects to an app on your mobile phone that logs the data and has various game modes to help you improve your shooting. 

See the full introduction to the Wilson X Basketball here

Free Range is the standard mode on the Wilson X app and can be used while you're casually shooting around, or going hard at your training. The app tracks your progress and gives you audio feedback. You'll be able to see in real time your makes and misses, your shot percentage and distances from the hoop. 

The app will help identify the areas of your game that need the most work, and encourage you to get better in those areas. With Free Range you can collect lifetime shooting data that you can share with your friends or coach, and you can work towards unlocking achievements in the app.

All seriously addictive stuff that can help you improve your shooting. Take a closer look:

You can purchase the Wilson X Connected basketball, with presentation box, right here.

Wilson X Connected Basketball - Become A Clutch Shooter with Buzzer Beater Mode April 21, 2017 13:35

The Wilson X Connected basketball uses cutting edge technology to track your makes and misses, shot percentage and distance from the basket when practicing your shooting. The basketball connects to an app on your mobile phone that logs the data and has various game modes to help you improve your shooting. 

See the full introduction to the Wilson X Basketball here

A great game mode that's included with the Wilson app, is Buzzer Beater. The clock counts down on the app, and every time you make a shot to add time back onto the clock. The constant countdown and pressure to make your shots, makes every shot a clutch play. 

Throughout the Buzzer Beater mode, the app records your stats, including makes / misses, shooting percentage and distance from the hoop. Shoot from further away to add more time onto the clock. 

This is a hugely addictive game mode, and being able to share your data with your friends, unlocking achievements and seeing your improvement logged every time you play is only going to encourage you to keep going, and getting better.

Take a look at the app in action:

You can purchase the Wilson X Connected basketball, with presentation box, right here.

Wilson X Connected Basketball - Game Time Mode April 21, 2017 13:33

The Wilson X Connected basketball uses cutting edge technology to track your makes and misses, shot percentage and distance from the basket when practicing your shooting. The basketball connects to an app on your mobile phone that logs the data and has various game modes to help you improve your shooting. 

See the full introduction to the Wilson X Basketball here

One of the game modes featured on the app is called Game Time, and it replicates the sounds and pressures of an actual basketball game so that, even if you're training by yourself, you can get closer to simulating actual game play while you practice. 

The app tracks your shooting progress, and gives audio prompts as to how well you are performing in the 'game', as well as surrounding you with the sounds of playing in an arena situation. Fouls are called, you'll get cheers when you're on fire, and you'll be heading to the bench if you're underperforming. 

The whole point of this mode is to get you to practice like you play. Check it out in the video below, and see the other game modes that are available here.

You can purchase the Wilson X Connected basketball, with presentation box, right here.

Wilson X Connected Basketball - Improve Your Free Throws April 20, 2017 17:20

The Wilson X Connected basketball uses cutting edge technology to track your makes and misses, shot percentage and distance from the basket when practicing your shooting. The basketball connects to an app on your mobile phone that logs the data and has various game modes to help you improve your shooting. 

See the full introduction to the Wilson X Basketball here

One of the game modes that you can use is FREE THROW, which focuses on helping you to improve your free throw shooting. Repetition is hugely important when you want to improve your free throws. So while you're at the line, working on improving your shooting form and free throw confidence, the free throw game mode is keeping track of your makes, misses, lifetime attempts and shot percentage. 

Use the Wilson X free throw game mode to track your progress, challenge your friends to beat you and show your coach your progress over time. You can also unlock achievements, which always helps with motivation.

Check out the video below to see it in action!

You can purchase the Wilson X Connected basketball, with presentation box, right here.

Wilson X Connected Basketball - The Future of Stat Tracking and Training April 20, 2017 16:58

Wilson X Connected Basketball

We live in a world where we are forever connected to technology, and in particular our mobile phones, so the Wilson X Connected basketball is the obvious evolutionary step in basketball technology. 

The Wilson X Connected basketball links to your mobile phone via Blutooth, then via the Wilson app, it will allow you to track your shooting stats as you train. That includes using cutting edge technology to track your makes and misses, your shooting percentages and distance from the hoop as you shoot.

The app tracks and displays the stats on your phone in real time, and in-built games and training programs allow you to work on your game and identify which areas might need more work than others. 

Here's a quick video to give you the full introduction to the Wilson X Basketball

So the Wilson X comes with 3 game modes, and a free range mode. The game modes are Free Throw, Game Time and Buzzer beater. Each of these game modes focuses on a particular part of your shooting game. As the app tracks your stats, you're able to focus more on your form and getting better, without worrying about counting or keeping a mental note of your performance. 

We take a look at each game mode separately via the links below, but the Wilson X Connected basketball is the ideal basketball for a permanently connected generation. Challenge your friends to beat your stats, share progress with your coach and unlock in game achievements, all via your mobile phone. 

You can buy the Wilson X Connected basketball right here, complete with display box. 

Check out the various Wilson X modes:


How the Spalding Official NBA Game Basketball Gets Game Ready April 19, 2017 11:19

Spalding and the NBA have a long and successful relationship; Spalding have been the official basketball supplier to the NBA for over 30 years and as such, it feels impossible to turn on the TV and watch an NBA game played with anything but a Spalding basketball.

Even Russell Westbrook has been talking about how, on the court, Spalding is his only friend.

As the current NBA season comes to a head, Spalding have produced a video to show us how their basketballs are prepared to be part of the game, and how they provide quality, reliability and consistently; factors which become even more important during the NBA playoffs and finals - when careers can be made or broken, and legacies can be written. 

Check out the video below, it's always good to see the journey of all of these little things that come together to create the spectacle that is the NBA!


Russell Westbrook is Serious About Spalding Being His Best Friend April 19, 2017 11:10

Russell Westbrook is easily one of the most entertaining players in the NBA when it comes to interviews with the press. His off the cuff comments, straight-talking and catalogue of facial expressions make him easily quotable, and an easy target for memes.

Speaking to reports at that the start of the playoffs, Westbrook was asked to comment on his relationship with MVP rival, James Harden, and he replied with, "once you get on the floor, you've got one friend, and that friend is Spalding." Spalding being the official supplier of all official NBA basketballs. Check it out: 

 There's a lot of sense in what he's saying, but a lot of people didn't take it the way that Westbrook intended the comment, which resulted in a further interview with Westbrook letting folks know just how serious he is about the basketball being his number one priority. 

So there you have it, Spalding really is Westbrook's BFF. The basketball is the most important thing on the floor to him. 

Minnesota Timberwolves Unveil New Logo April 12, 2017 13:05

Minnesota Timberwolves New NBA Logo

As the 2016/17 NBA regular season comes to an end, those teams who are going home early start to give us a glimpse of what they might have planned for next year, and the Minnesota Timberwolves are the first team to come out and showcase their new logo.

While the new Timberwolves logo was actually leaked in the press early, the actual reveal was done at the half time of the Timberwolves game versus the Oklahoma City Thunder last night. The Timberwolves showed a great hype video that recapped the history of the Minnesota franchise and their logo development over the years. Take a look:

After the reveal, there was a mixed reaction to the change - some fans love it, some fans hate it - but that's always to be expected when there's a big change for a team. 

The new Timberwolves logo features a new colourway, a mature wolf howling at a basketball and the North Star. Overall the design is more modern and sleek and is said to represent a 'new era' of Timberwolves basketball.  The franchise is keen to stress the upward goals of the franchise (having failed to make the play-offs for 13-years straight) and the potential of their young team.

We're now eagerly awaiting the release of images of the new Minnesota Timberwolves jerseys, although that's not likely to happen before the official end of the season, since it will be a Nike NBA jersey, The current Adidas contract runs until the conclusion of the NBA Finals.

Stay tuned for more updates on how the look of the league will be changing for next season, and join the conversation on our social media pages about how you feel about the Timberwolves new logo. 

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Adidas Harden Vol. 1 Disruptor - Disrupt the Game, Leave Your Opponents Weeping March 22, 2017 16:05

Adidas Harden Vol 1 Distruptor

James Harden has catapulted himself into the MVP race this season, thanks to a deadly offence that includes a good mix of skills, smarts and speed. Take Harden's full court charge and game winning layup against the Denver Nuggets on Monday night (where he just so happened to be wearing the Harden Vol. 1 Disruptor). Sure Denver's transition defence was trash, but that's the level of tenacity and audacity that Harden has shown all season, in order to get his team buckets, and put them up in 3rd place in the Western Conference.

With all that going on, Harden is king at disrupting any basketball game, and straight up making his opponents weep, which is why the adidas Harden Vol. 1 'Disruptor' is an ideal shoe model for the beard.

Adidas has gone in on some new materials for this version of the Harden Vol. 1, including a perforated mesh upper across the white section of the white shoe, which contrasts really well with the black toe cap. The static-grey laces sit well, and are capped off with gold lace tips. 

In fact, it's the gold that really stands out on the Disruptor. Used on the Harden logo and the 3 stripes on the heel, the gold colourway is a nod to Harden't ultimate goal in the NBA - to grab himself, and his teammates, that Larry O'Brien trophy.

The adidas Harden Vol. 1 'Disruptor' is available now, take a closer look below. 

Adidas Harden Vol. 1 Disruptor

Adidas Harden Vol. 1 Disruptor

Adidas Harden Vol. 1 Disruptor